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"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed." 
Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick (July 26th, 1928 - March 7, 1999)

Happy Birthday you brilliant sonofabitch <3

Pedro Pascal - Sailor Moon


Got this blouse back from the tailor lady who lives across the street from me; I was having it made to wear with my sari to a wedding next Saturday, and this shit looks fucking awful. It’s literally the worst I’ve ever seen a blouse look in my life. Blouses to be worn with saris are suppose to fit like a glove, smooth and tight; this shit is wrinkly and lumpy and sewn in that old fashioned pointy boob style and it’s absolutely horrible. If I can’t have this fixed I’m fucked. My sister and I are just looking at this shit like:


Making the social rounds, close-up of Ben Affleck as The Batman

This movie is gonna suck ass because of Zack Snyder but the Batman costume is fucking aces!!!